How to Make the Most of Your Engagement Photo Shoot


Engagement Session New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Send your photographer inspiration

The first piece of advice I give to my clients is to browse Pinterest and save a ton of inspiration photos. I love to see what my clients are pinning because it gives me a very clear view into their expectations for the shoot. It also allows me to get a sense of the type of locations, poses, expressions, and the overall vibe they are looking for. From these photos I’m able to recommend locations, timing of the shoot, and nail down the lighting. Sharing and communicating your vision to your photographer ensures that you will have the best shoot possible!

Engagement Session New Jersey Wedding Photographer

Plan your outfits accordingly, confidence is key

When I say plan your outfits, I’m not referring to perfectly coordinated and matched outfits with your partner (although it’s cute!). I’m specifically talking to the ladies in this tip. I think it’s so important to choose an outfit that you feel confident and comfortable in! I get asked all the time what to wear, and besides saying to what to avoid (i.e pinstripes or not wearing too much green if we’ll be shooting in a forest) I just encourage my clients to wear something that they feel great in. Don’t feel the pressure to go shopping for a brand new outfit right before your shoot. You may find an outfit that fits great in the dressing room only to find out that it doesn't really photograph well on your body. Wear something you LOVE the way you feel and look in!

Engagement Session New Jersey Wedding Photographer


I know everyone says this, but just be you! Your photographer will be taking so many photos that it’s encouraged to move around a lot! Don’t feel like you have to hold your pose and be stiff for the entire shoot (even though you may be feeling awkward). Let your personalities shine through! Whether it’s by dancing, kissing, laughing, or playing the whole idea is to capture the essence of your relationship. Try to forget the camera is even there! If you’re having trouble relaxing, ask your photographer for some ideas. I always suggest playing tag, slow dancing, or maybe even do the cha cha slide just to get you laughing! In the beginning everyone has some trouble getting used to the camera, so give yourself some time.

Engagement Session New Jersey Wedding Photographer

USE your photos!

These photos are marking a very big milestone in your relationship so be sure to share, print, and hang them for all to see! I regret that I didn’t use my engagement photos beyond our save the dates. I truly wish that I had printed and hung them around my house or even shared them more with friends and family. I encourage you to order a nice canvas of your favorite photo or create a photo book to keep out when guests come over. You invested your money on your engagement photos, so show them off!

That's it folks! These are the 4 engagement session tips I always send my clients. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want to know more info!