David & Elise - Continually falling... in love

David & Elise. This couple met at Liberty University and have fallen in sweet, sweet love with each other through being on leadership together and loving their Lord together. These two are incredible people, with really sweet and gracious hearts for everyone around them. David is so kind and loving towards Elise, and his love for her was incredibly evident during their engagement photo shoot! Elise is silly and caring and is so in love with David. As their wedding date slowly approaches (March 28th!!), the anticipation is building and the love is growing. SO excited to photograph these two tie the knot and begin their amazing life together.

Want to know more of their love story? Read below!

David and I met in a series fortunately unfortunate events being both on student leadership at Liberty University. We did not get along and thought quite unfavorable thoughts about one another for the first six months or so of knowing one another. However, after our first actual conversation after a dorm event, David's head started to begin to turn. And mine started to turn when he walked across a field at another dorm event to me and another person asking if we could try to make the next year on leadership together better. Well...obviously the year got better and about five months after that we were dating . Since then we have fallen for each other many times and in many ways. As days go by, we are very excited to go on this next journey of marriage together, continually growing in love for one another and for our Lord together.

Here are some of my favorite photos from their Engagement photo shoot! 

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