Laurel creative SUmmer 2018INTERN application

When I was in college studying graphic design, I had THREE unpaid internships before I graduated. It really taught me so much and that is why I offer these summer internships. 

*The below is semi subject to change depending on your schedule, skills, interests, and location.

Laurel Creative Interns: 
- assist on shoots in the city when needed. One a week or so. 
- Will be trained how to edit, and will be assigned around one fashion shoot a week to edit
- Will write some blog posts for the Laurel Creative Blog
- Will take BTS photos on shoots.
- Will possibly be able to second shoot a wedding. Not guaranteed. 
- Will get to attend some cool shoots and meet some well known/famous people.
- Must be available 7:30 AM - 11 AM at least one day a week. 
- Must be able to be on your feet for hours at a time.
- Must be BOLD, HELPFUL, and have an undeniable PASSION for photography

Laurel Creative summer interns must have:
- a thriving interested in photography
- a go-getter personality
- A strong interested to learn about the business
- Their own computer and camera
- means of transportation. Having your own car is a plus
- Must be excited, happy, and easy going.
- Must be extremely "go with the flow" as shoots/locations/timelines/everything is very last minute in this industry. It's the nature of the beast.

This is NOT an internship for those who:
- simply want to make $$. This is a small paying position, and you will leave with more KNOWLEDGE than money. 
- Just want to see what shoots are like. If that is you, check out my youtube channel. 
- Are looking for something fun to do. This is for people who are VERY interested in photography and the art of it. 

This internship will be work. You will be expected to assist and help however necessary on photoshoots. This will be hands on, with editing, seeing the process from start to finish. There may be opportunities to photograph some of my clients when I am not available or am away if your photography is up to the standard.


This internship will be June, July & August. There will be about 4-6 hours a week, and will pay $10 an hour. Although the position is flexible, and with this job, weather, client complications and cancelations and such are factors. This is a job more about experience and learning. 



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