((Janelle & JT)) - Married!

The day finally came for Janelle and JT to tie the knot. In Virginia, the two were getting ready for the wedding day. Janelle was in her house with her ladies, getting her hair and makeup done, and reminiscing of the great times she had dating JT. With excitement in the air, the girls put on their dresses and Janelle was assisted into hers. She was a gorgeous bride. Her two little brothers thought so as well!

Before the ceremony, the pair and their parties decided to have a moment with Christ and pray together as a group. It was a very special moment for Janelle & JT who have made God a part of their relationship from the start. With a door seperating the bride and groom, the excitement was building because only in a few short minutes would they say "I do" to becoming bride and groom. The ceremony was beautiful. They sang, made their vows, and even showed their servanthood to one another by washing each other's feet. 

The reception was incredibly charming. In a local park stood a gazebo, the centerpiece of the whole party. The first dances happened there, and there were twinkly lights surrounding the entire space. Everything was very DIY, and really represented the couple and their relaxed and happy attitude on life and love. 

Janelle and JT, thank you for allowing me to capture your amazing wedding day. I wish you a lifetime of love, happiness, and FUN!

Here are some of my favorite photos from their day!

((Sean & Phoebe)) - Engagement Photos!

Sean and Phoebe. Two love birds, getting married this summer, and then moving down south!

Their love is blissful, pure, lovely, and sweet. 

Here are my favorites from their Engagement Photos! 


These two have had so many adventures together. I asked Phoebe to tell me about her favorite date with Sean. To read that story, keep scrolling!

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"So if I had to think of a story, it would be the day we explored this place in NJ called the viaducts, which is this old abandoned bridge. It was a beautiful sunny day and sean wanted to take me to this place because there was a lot of artistic things about it. We got there and had to climb up this very steep hillside, grabbing onto tree roots and rocks to pull ourselves up until we got to the top of this bridge. We got to the top and we could see so far down into the creek and the neighboring places surrounding us. As the adventure continued we had to climb down this little manhole and weasel our way into the archs of the bridge which was covered in bright colors and swirls of spray paint. We climed through a good portion of them reading the messages, looking out at the mountains and just laughing at each others silly little comments. After a while we grew hungry and he took me to the Jefferson diner where we had a classic burger and milkshake- which was so good! That was my most favorite date- so much so that he planned it out again and we re-did it the day he proposed."


Side by Side

Loving this side-by-side of Sarah. I've seen a lot of side by side photos, and i love them! The teeny "fluffy things", as I like to call them, are so cute! 

It is always so fun making new friends and photographing them. I love it. Not only am I building my portfolio, but I am building relationships. I can't tell you how many times have I met someone for a shoot, and now we're friends because of it. It's such a privilege and a blessing to use my art to bring joy and laughter for an hour of someone's day. 

Love it.

Love it.