Pat & Kate - Couple!

"Pat and I first met in the library of our school. We didn't know who each other was, but that was the first I time I remember seeing him. About a year after that, we met again through a mutual friend. We both decided to go to a school event later on that night. After seeing his awesome dance moves, we began speaking every day. Finally, we went out on a date and I found what a chivalrous and caring man he was. After many fun dates and conversations that could've gone on for hours we started our adventure! A year and a half later and he is the best man I know. Our love is something I would not give away for the world. God has blessed us with love and endless laughter, there is nothing more we could ask for."

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Side by Side

Loving this side-by-side of Sarah. I've seen a lot of side by side photos, and i love them! The teeny "fluffy things", as I like to call them, are so cute! 

It is always so fun making new friends and photographing them. I love it. Not only am I building my portfolio, but I am building relationships. I can't tell you how many times have I met someone for a shoot, and now we're friends because of it. It's such a privilege and a blessing to use my art to bring joy and laughter for an hour of someone's day. 

Love it.

Love it.